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You will also need to have the .torrent file of the Automap Server in the same directory as the automap config file. Installation The installation is straightforward, but you must follow the steps in the [Installation Guide]( first. From a running client, run the following command and provide a suitable port number (must be different than the port used by the Automap Server): ``` automap_server -port Configure your Automap Server to listen on the provided port. This is done with the config.cfg file, as shown below. automap_server_config= port= protocols= listen_on_addresses= Once you have configured your Automap Server, the client will start launching peers on the Automap listen address at the given port and protocol. In client.cfg automap_listen_address= automap_port= automap_protocol= Usage Configure an Automap Server Launch peers with this command: automap_server -auto_launch -port= For example: automap_server -auto_launch -port=54321 automap_server -auto_launch -port= -auto_launch_seed_ratio=0.5 -auto_launch_ratio=0.5 -auto_launch_ratio_no_producers=0.5 automap_server -auto_launch -port=54321 -auto_launch_seed_ratio=0.5 -auto_launch_ratio=0.




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Nocturn 49 Driver Download

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